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 0000352    [RuneScript IRC bot]
Bug Report
minorconfirmed2017-10-29!Invention exp to next level is wrong
 00001652   [RuneScript IRC bot]
Feature Suggestion
featureresolved (Cowman)2017-09-01OSRS News
 00003541   [RuneScript IRC bot]
Bug Report
majorresolved (Cowman)2017-07-29Several commands on the rizon network Runescript aren't functioning properly.
 00003391   [RuneScript IRC bot]
Feature Suggestion
minorresolved (Cowman)2017-04-12Add elite skills EXP curve to !lvl command
 0000353    [RuneScript IRC bot]
Feature Suggestion
minornew2017-04-10!stats @next @virtual
 0000351    [RuneScript IRC bot]
Bug Report
minornew2017-04-10.nextlevel @virtual is wrong with Invention
 00003333   [RuneScript IRC bot]
Feature Suggestion
minorresolved (spling)2017-02-23!VoS (Voice of Seren)
 00000525   [ Website]
Bug Report
majorresolved (Cruiser)2017-01-29Name parser (name lookup) returns errors
 00003503   [RuneTracker]
Bug Report
majorresolved (spling)2016-12-05Graphs on RT are broke.
 0000349    [RuneScript IRC bot]
Feature Suggestion
majornew2016-11-22.07 commands use Deadman prices instead of 07 prices
 0000348    [RuneTracker]
Glitched User Records
featurenew2016-11-02Overall 24h does not change
 00000132   [ Website]
Feature Suggestion
minorresolved (spling)2016-06-16Rscript parsers
 0000292    [RuneScript IRC bot]
Bug Report
minorresolved (Cowman)2016-06-15!urban broken
 00003433   [RuneTracker]
Feature Suggestion
minorresolved (spling)2016-06-15have a option to have your account not be tracked
 00002004   [RuneTracker]
Bug Report
featureresolved (spling)2016-06-15Interactive chart, some skills doesn't work
 00003441   [RuneScript IRC bot]
Bug Report
majorresolved (Cowman)2016-05-10!urban parser is broken
 0000342    [RuneScript IRC bot]
Feature Suggestion
 00003411   [RuneScript IRC bot]
minorresolved (Cowman)2016-04-24Energy limits were changed to 25,000
 0000340    [RuneScript IRC bot]
Bug Report
minoracknowledged2016-02-01!rank needs to use the Invention EXP curve for Invention
 00003222   [RuneTracker]
Bug Report
minorresolved (Cowman)2016-01-28Unable to add OSRS accounts without RS3 stats to OSRS tracking group
 0000326    [RuneScript IRC bot]
Feature Suggestion
minoracknowledged2016-01-26Toggle RS3 and OS
 0000336    [RuneScript IRC bot]
Bug Report
minorconfirmed2016-01-26DIV sometimes omitted from !track
 00003351   [RuneScript IRC bot]
Feature Suggestion
featureacknowledged2016-01-26@Runescape Twitter Feed?
 0000313    [RuneTracker]
Glitched User Records
minorresolved (Cowman)2016-01-26name update failed
 00002951   [RuneTracker]
Glitched User Records
minorresolved (Cowman)2016-01-26Name change issue
 00003291   [RuneTracker]
Glitched User Records
minorresolved (Cowman)2016-01-26I changed my name and my records won't transfer
 00003381   [RuneTracker]
Glitched User Records
minorresolved (Cowman)2016-01-26Daily Records do not update
 00003301   [RuneTracker]
Glitched User Records
minorresolved (Cowman)2016-01-26RuneTracker won't update name change (Soft Fail)
 00003341   [RuneTracker]
minorresolved (Cowman)2016-01-26Name Change
 00003324   [RuneScript IRC bot]
Bug Report
tweakresolved (Cowman)2016-01-24RSNews is outtdated
 0000328    [RuneScript IRC bot]
Feature Suggestion
featureacknowledged2015-09-13Add timestamps to the web client
 0000327    [RuneScript IRC bot]
Bug Report
minorconfirmed2015-09-13Skill params with similar names to other params cannot be used in the bot
 00003311   [RuneScript IRC bot]
Bug Report
tweakresolved (Cowman)2015-08-08Abyssal titan .pouch info wrong
 0000325    [RuneScript IRC bot]
Feature Suggestion
featureacknowledged2015-03-07Add ironman/hard-core ironman functionality
 00003241   [RuneScript IRC bot]
Bug Report
majorconfirmed2015-03-07Truncation with !smith lookups
 0000323    [RuneScript IRC bot]
Bug Report
majorconfirmed2015-03-07!smithing @corrupted ore
 00000942   [RuneScript IRC bot]
Feature Suggestion
minorassigned (Cowman)2015-03-07.boost command
 00001088   [RuneScript IRC bot]
minorassigned (spling)2015-03-07Construction items to xp database
 00002826   [RuneScript IRC bot]
Feature Suggestion
minorresolved (Cowman)2015-03-07!meg command
 0000321    [RuneScript IRC bot]
Bug Report
minorconfirmed2015-03-06!music command does not work
 00001403   [RuneScript IRC bot]
Feature Suggestion
minorresolved (Cowman)2015-03-04New Thieving Parameters
 0000303    [RuneScript IRC bot]
Feature Suggestion
minoracknowledged2015-03-01Re: Addition to the OSRS !ml/!clan system
 0000314    [RuneScript IRC bot]
Feature Suggestion
tweakacknowledged2015-03-01tweak !level to congratulate people for virtual levels beyond 99 in non-dg skills.
 00003181   [RuneScript IRC bot]
Bug Report
minorconfirmed2015-03-01.circus command
 00003011   [RuneScript IRC bot]
Bug Report
majorconfirmed2015-03-01!ml command not responding
 0000298    [RuneTracker]
Glitched User Records
majorresolved (spling)2015-02-22havent been able to update my new name for over 4+ months
 0000294    [RuneTracker]
Glitched User Records
minorresolved (spling)2015-02-22User record start date change
 0000290    [RuneScript IRC bot]
Feature Suggestion
minoracknowledged2014-10-30.farmer addition
 00002551   [RuneScript IRC bot]
Bug Report
minorresolved (spling)2014-10-26!coke not recognized as a "public" command
 00002601   [RuneScript IRC bot]
minorresolved (spling)2014-10-26!ge graph links don't graph all items anymore

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