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Rev 1622 by Cowman on Jan 29/18: Updated slayer parameters
Rev 1618 by spling on Sep 26/17: Ignore news with p=* weirdness
Rev 1617 by spling on Sep 19/17: small fix for Talk like a Pirate day
Rev 1616 by Cowman on Sep 1/17: Added !07news command and announcements for each 07news article posted
Rev 1615 by Cowman on Apr 12/17: Updated !lvl to include the elite (invention) exp curve
Rev 1614 by spling on Feb 23/17: Added !vos to view the current Voice of Seren location via @JagexClock
Rev 1602 by spling on Jan 29/17: Fix sourced commands; !alch !alchloss !item !shop
Rev 1601 by Cowman on Jan 28/17: Updated !mc-mob and !mc-craft for the latest version of Minecraft
Rev 1598 by Cowman on Oct 20/16: Updated herblore params
Rev 1597 by Cowman on Oct 20/16: Updated !potion
Rev 1596 by Cowman on Oct 2/16: Applied a temporary fix for !google
Rev 1595 by Cowman on Sep 24/16: Patched !grats command to allow higher overall levels
Rev 1594 by Cowman on Sep 16/16: Updated !quest and !skill and removed many obsolete links to Zybez (RIP)
Rev 1592 by spling on Sep 8/16: Changed source for !gcalc.. probably not as robust.
Rev 1591 by Cowman on Aug 7/16: Fixed !gcalc
Rev 1590 by Cowman on Jul 6/16: Updated !fi
Rev 1588 by Cowman on May 22/16: Various database updates
Rev 1587 by Cowman on May 19/16: Added !vodka and !timbit
Rev 1586 by Cowman on May 10/16: Fixed !urban (bug 344)
Rev 1584 by Cowman on May 4/16: Updated farming database
Rev 1583 by Cowman on Apr 24/16: Patched bug 341

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